Book Launch by

Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan

Minister for IT & Digital Services, Government of Tamil Nadu

09 Oct 2023 - 6.00 pm
MMA Auditorium, Anna Salai, Chennai

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About the Book

The Professionals’ Handbook to ChatGPT

Discover the amazing things ChatGPT can do for you. Engage with it and figure out how it works, and what it can’t do. Explore other tools, and see how ChatGPT is getting even better. With 540+ unique prompts, you’ll dive into real-world situations. Plus, you’ll learn how to talk to ChatGPT.

Trust us; your world will be transformed. Whether you’re a pro or novice, this book is about making your work journey awesome. Get ready to Discover, Engage, and Transform.

Welcome to AI.

The Professionals’ Handbook to ChatGPT


In modern times, very few innovations have captured people’s imagination as powerfully as artificial intelligence (AI). And within this sphere, conversational AI is transforming how we communicate, interact, and think. Against this backdrop, The Professionals’ Handbook to ChatGPT emerges as a timely guide.

The journey of AI has been spectacular – from its humble start in science fiction to its seamless present- day applications. But ChatGPT and related AI tools remain a mystery for many of us. This is where this book comes in handy.

With their team, V Pattabhi Ram and Dungar Chand U Jain, both chartered accountants, have undertaken the commendable task of demystifying the world of ChatGPT for us. Their collective knowledge provides readers with an in-depth exploration of this transformative technology’s uses, and possibilities. This book is not a technical manual but a bridge between intricate tech concepts and the hands-on domain where professionals can apply its insights.

Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan

Minister of Information Technology and Digital Services,
Government of Tamil Nadu

The Professionals’ Handbook to ChatGPT

Whats' Inside


The New Kid in


Story before the Story


Potential and


Moral Boundaries, Legalities & Limitations


How to write ‘Winning Prompts’






Specialised Audits & Limitations










ChatGPT Plus 313


AI Toolbox


An evening chat with ChatGPT


Rear Window

The Professionals’ Handbook to ChatGPT


Adman michel

CA. Pattabhi Ram V

Author, Public Speaker and
Sarah albert

CA. Dungar Chand U Jain

Member - Technology Initiative Committee, BCAS & KSCA


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"Having been in profession for 48 years, I place greater trust on human intelligence compared to artificial intelligence. But it can not be denied that there is incredible potential in ChatGPT. This book authored by Pattabhi Ram and Dungar Chand U Jain is a comprehensive roadmap that has the potential to transform you from being a novice to an knowledgeable person in AI-powered conversations. I am sure that the readers would be immensely benefitted by its reading. It would enable them to make quick initial drafts."

CA. Amarjit Chopra

New Delhi

"The Professionals’ Handbook to ChatGPT demystifies the world of conversational AI. The authors’ exploration into various aspects where ChatGPT can be effectively used, makes it an invaluable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike. This book ensures that readers, regardless of their familiarity with AI, leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the potential of ChatGPT. The real-world examples are extremely useful for those navigating the ever-evolving landscape of AI. A definitive resource in the field!"

CA. Dr. Bharath Krishna Sankar

Chairman, Aparajitha Corporate Services Private Limited

"Law has always been complex, and secretarial practice is backbreaking. This book shows you how the new tool called ChatGPT can be a wonderful companion for every Company Secretary. You don’t have to rely on it entirely, but it has enough and more to qualify as your personal assistant. Some of its responses are super cool."

Adv. Dr. Mamta Binani

Past President, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

"In The Professionals’ Handbook to ChatGPT, the writers reveal how to use AI in auditing, accounting, and finance. The book is packed with useful tips and real- world examples, making it essential for anyone studying or working in these fields. It highlights how AI can bring about big changes and is written in a way that’s easy to understand. This book is a great guide if you want to blend AI with your skills."

CA. Rajarajeswaran P V

Past Chairman, SIRC of ICAI

"For those of you who found accounting, auditing standards or law hard to crack, here is help. AI is revolutionising our work, and The Professionals’ Handbook to ChatGPT is an invaluable companion. Read this and equip yourself with the tools to harness ChatGPT’s capabilities. AI can answer your questions on accounting and auditing standards, simplify things, and be a great colleague. The book is a must-read for those wanting to thrive in this new era of innovation and automation."

CA. Vijay Kumar M P

Executive Director & Group CFO, Sify Technologies