Think Before You Click

About the Book

Cybercrimes are here to stay. They cannot be chased away by advanced technologies, nor can you legislate to keep cybercrimes away. The only response is to catch it by its horns and fight it. Young adults who appear most vulnerable to cybercrimes need the right attitude and finely honed skills to defend themselves. They need support from their parents and teachers. This book is for young adults, their parents, and teachers.

It can serve as a ready reckoner for understanding the different threats in cyberspace, red flags to identify them, good practices to deal with these dangers, some handy DIY guides in this regard, cyber rights, and netiquettes.

Written by cyber security experts with years of experience, the contents are presented in simple language, devoid of jargon. After reading this, you will understand why you should THINK before you CLICK.

Think Before You Click


I have noticed a palpable fear in the people with regard to cybercrimes. Their minds are besieged by questions like: is my money in the bank safe from cyber criminals?

What should I do to remain safe in cyber space? What should I not do? What to do if I lose my money to a cybercriminal or if someone circulates a morphed photo of my daughter? These fears are not unfounded. These fears are mainly due to the lack of knowledge about cybercrimes and the preventive / remedial measures which people can take to remain safe in cyber space.

This excellent book by "Dr. K. Rama Subramaniam and CA K R Praveena" will precisely do this by raising awareness amongst the public regarding cybercrimes and the measures they can take for their safety in cyber space. The book, written in a lucid and easily comprehensible manner, takes the reader through an exciting journey of "cyber discovery."


Director General of Police,
Cyber Crime Wing, Tamil Nadu.

Think Before You Click

For Whom


Young Adults

Who are keen to be secure and informed cyber citizens



Who want to ensure the safety of their wards in cyberspace



Who are keen to guide, coach, and mentor students on cybersecurity

Think Before You Click

What's Inside the

  • 1. Getting Started

    Introduction into context and importance of cybersecurity.

  • 2. Gateway to Cyberspace

    Facts & figures/Infographics showcasing the cyber influence in India.

  • 3. Threats and Cybercrime

    Common threats that translate into cybercrime with examples, how it affects, red flags, & potential impact for each.

  • 4. Awareness and Hygiene

    Precautions and etiquette to be mindful cybercitizens.

  • 5. How to secure yourself

    DIY guide to safeguard your digital presence.

  • 6. Know your Cyber Rights

    Cyber laws, regulatory/legal framework in India, how to seek help and take action on cybercrime.

  • 7. Protect your Princes & Princesses

    How to talk to young adults about cyber safety, behavioral red flags to look out for, parental controls.

Think Before You Click


Dr K Rama Subramaniam

Director & CEO, Valiant Technologies Group

A renowned information security practitioner who counts global names amongst his clients. Currently consults in the six GCC countries, Africa, and South Asia. He has designed and taught masters level programs at multiple universities in India and abroad and has been invited to chair and deliver keynote addresses at conferences in Middle and Far East Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.

CA K R Praveena

Executive Director, Management and Governance Consulting

A management advisor and information security professional with 15 years of experience in accounting, auditing, and consulting. She is an ISO Lead Auditor and has worked on assignments in SAARC countries, UAE, Singapore, Netherlands, and UK.

Think Before You Click


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Think Before You Click


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